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03 Choosing Between Strengths

every appointment is to pick the most beneficial choice for that particular responsibility. If the choice is between two individuals one greater in trustworthiness and the other greater in strength/ability, the one which must be promoted is the most beneficial in that particular position – and the least harmful in that position. In the Ministry of Defense, the strong and courageous – even with some character flaws – takes precedence over another who is weak and incapable, even if more trustworthy. Imam Ahmad was once asked regarding a choice between two leaders over a military expedition, one strong but corrupt and the other pious but weak with which one should I join? The Imam answered, “As for the strong but corrupt, his strength is for the Muslims and his corruption is upon himself. With the pious but weak one, his piety is for himself but his weakness is upon the Muslims. So, go with the strong but corrupt.”

# 2008-03-08 by samorgan | Islam Political Science