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04 Determining Qualified Leaders & Representatives

he most important issue in this chapter is how to determine the most appropriate/qualified person for any responsibility. It is accomplished by first knowing the goal of that position and the way to that goal. Once the objectives and the means are identified, the issue is completed. Thus, since most kings have as their objective [things of] this life and not Islam, they assign to responsibilities those who will aid them and support them in that intention. Similarly, the one who seeks leadership for himself will prefer to assign those who reinforce his presidency. The established sunnah was that whoever leads the Muslims in Friday prayers and daily congregational prayers and delivers the Friday khutba, these same ones are the generals in war, the representatives of the ruler over the military. This is why once the Prophet (sas) selected Abu Bakr over the prayer, the Muslims subsequently selected him as the Amir of war and of their affairs generally..

# 2008-03-08 by samorgan | Islam Political Science