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10a Priorities in Giving

As for expenditures, what is obligatory is to give priority in allocation of resources to that which is most important and then next most important to the general welfare of the Muslims such as giving to one who thereby brings about a general benefit to the Muslims Among these are the military, the people of defense and jihad. They are the most deserving of the fei, since it only comes about by their sacrifices. In fact the scholars differed about the fei: is it for the military exclusively or shared between all aspects of the public good? In general, all of the public wealth is for all avenues of beneficial expenditures by agreement [of the scholars], except that which has been specifically restricted such as the zakat and [four fifths of] the ghaneema (spoils of war).
And among those deserving from the treasury are those responsible over the peoples’ affairs such as rulers, judges, scholars and treasury workers whether collectors, managers or those who disburse and the like. This also includes even the imams of the prayer and the callers of the adhan and the like.

# 2008-03-08 by samorgan | Islam Political Science